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"With an amazing technical arsenal and a sensitivity that prospers in his interpretations of popular music, Barozzi convincingly presented original compositions where folk rhythms and forms intertwine with classical traditions."
"Barozzi is a guitarist who understands the art of accompaniment. He knows when to appear almost imperceptible, and handles arrangements and musical lines with subtlety and good taste."
 Nicolás Russo,  Revista Veintitrés


"Barozzi exhibits a virtuosity which intelligently adapts to the character of each song, without masking nonetheless the brilliance of his abilities."
Carlos Salatino, Tiempo argentino


"...Barozzi´s guitar is an extension of his musical heart."
Hugo Martínez, Diario Popular


"... An exquisite guitarist..."
Diario Perfil

"Something happens every time Dario sits down with his guitar: he creates a new world; his own world."
Leandro Filozof,  Revista Veintitrés

Barozzi draws on a broad musical palette to build his soundscapes and create moods inhabited by introspection and enigmatic beauty [...] In his hands, the guitar sounds subtle, expressive, pristine, full of wisdom, life and poetry.
Roberto Espinosa, La Gaceta


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